Civilizations have two important properties: they are dissipative systems, and they are creative systems. A dissipative system is a physical system that maintains its state by turning resources from a usable form into an unusable waste form. In terms of physics (specifically: thermodynamics) one can describe them as dynamic systems that produce entropy (i.e. they […]

Currently we are treating the future like colonizers of the 19th and early 20th century where treating their overseas colonies. On one hand, we are extracting resources from that “colonized future”, but on the other hand we are projecting some high tech dreams into it, pretending that economic growth can go on indefinitely. But just […]

The suggestions I have been making on this blog might seem unfamiliar, so I want to explain some of the considerations behind them. In some states at least, human rights are implemented in terms of laws and institutions. Generally, the human-rights-situation is better in countries that have human rights codified into their constitutional and institutional […]

In this article, I am explaining how to build a time machine that can be used to send raw materials into the future. How can this be done, and what would it be good for? As you will see, it is technically possible without breaking the laws of physics. And it could even be useful. […]

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We can distinguish two types of economies: candle-type economies and forest-type economies. The flame of a candle is a dissipative system. It is a dynamic system preserving its shape by dissipating energy. Obviously a candle-flame is a non-sustainable dissipative system: it is using up a finite amount of wax and…

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Each species has a rate of reproduction that adapts or has adapted to its risk of death. As a result, populations will fluctuate but will in most cases remain more or less stable over time. Human beings are the animal that has creativity and as a result, technology. When the…

The ongoing crisis in some European countries is endangering their cultural heritage. Countries like Greece and Italy contain enormous treasures of works of art and architecture worth preserving, spanning the time from the stone age through antiquity right up to the 21st century. A lot of this is cultural heritage is state owned. The financial situation […]