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Building a Time Machine

In this article, I am explaining how to build a time machine that can be used to send raw materials into the future. How can this be done, and what would it be good for? As you will see, it is technically possible without breaking the laws of physics. And it could even be useful. […]

How to Stop Burning Fossil Fuels

If future people had a time machine through which they could buy things from us and send us money for it, what would they buy? One option would be: coal, petroleum and natural gas. By burning fossil fuels, we are damaging the planet, putting future people into trouble. So if they could, people of the […]

Custodian Capital

How can the preservation of the world’s ecosystems be financed? The solution might be simple: by selling them to future people. How could that work? We are used to think of an account balance with a plus sign as money we have, i.e. assets, and an account balance with a minus sign as money we […]

Trading with the Future

By shifting debts into the future to let later generations pay for them, we are exploiting the people of the future. Or are we? By shifting debts into the future, we are, in a way, transferring money from the future to the present. For example, if a government takes a credit and spends the money […]