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Building a Time Machine

In this article, I am explaining how to build a time machine that can be used to send raw materials into the future. How can this be done, and what would it be good for? As you will see, it is technically possible without breaking the laws of physics. And it could even be useful. […]

Selling the Acropolis

The ongoing crisis in some European countries is endangering their cultural heritage. Countries like Greece and Italy contain enormous treasures of works of art and architecture worth preserving, spanning the time from the stone age through antiquity right up to the 21st century. A lot of this is cultural heritage is state owned. The financial situation […]

Getting Rid of Government Debts – Part 2

In the previous article, Getting Rid of Government Debt – Part 1, I have introduced a distinction between two types of public debts. One type is debts backed by assets. This part of the debts can be paid back by asset backed money generation, as described in that article. It can be passed to the […]

Getting Rid of Government Debts – Part 1

Debts have reached a level that is causing trouble for many communities and states all around the world. To an extent, these debts are exploitative: future generations of tax payers have to pay them, or pay interest on them, and in many cases, they don’t get anything in return. They will have to pay for […]

How to Stop Burning Fossil Fuels

If future people had a time machine through which they could buy things from us and send us money for it, what would they buy? One option would be: coal, petroleum and natural gas. By burning fossil fuels, we are damaging the planet, putting future people into trouble. So if they could, people of the […]

Custodian Capital

How can the preservation of the world’s ecosystems be financed? The solution might be simple: by selling them to future people. How could that work? We are used to think of an account balance with a plus sign as money we have, i.e. assets, and an account balance with a minus sign as money we […]

Two Kinds of Debts

A lot is written today about debts of governments. I want to make a short note on this topic (not referring to any particular state or government, but to all of them). 1) I suggest that when we think about public debts, we start to distinguish between two types of debts. Exploitative Debts On one […]