This blog may be viewed a virtual time machine. You may also think of it as containing messages from the future. Or you may also view it a one-man think tank.

Today’s civilization is destructive, it is destroying Earth. It is exploitative towards future generations. Looking at the world from their perspective shows what must be changed. I am investigating here properties of a sustainable civilization and the means to get there.

I want to propose changes that seem technically and economically feasible. They might, however, be utopian in the sense that they are politically infeasible in the framework of today’s global political structures. However, there was a time when the abolishment of slavery was politically infeasible, and this is just one example.

Our problems can be viewed as problems of having bad institutions, bad theories and bad concepts. All these are parts of our cultures. Our cultures are subject to change. Any cultural change starts with thinking, analyzing and with applying creativity.




  1. Zia Vanger · · Reply

    This is a noble one & something to be proud of.
    So what do you do exactly?

    1. Hi, nice you found your way here.
      I am writing mostly about philosophy, especially the theory of creativity as well as some topics of environmental ethics (look at the page linking to my other blogs). Also about aesthetics. This blog is quite mixed, although there are some recurring topics. If I have to define myself in one word, I would say I am a philosopher, although that can, of course, mean a lot of different things (and cannot be defined completely, due to our creativity).

  2. Nannus, appreciate your kind LIKES of my works. Really interesting content herein. Thanks for being bold enough to share.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I have been neglecting this blog a little bit but I will come back to it. Actually I have just started here.

  3. very interesting 🙂 PedroL

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