Growth and Creativity

An older article aboout the connection between growth and creativity. Being creative, humans are able to open up and exploit new resources. The result is growth of population and of economies that eventually becomes destructive.

The Asifoscope

File:Valltorta (escena de caza).png

Each species has a rate of reproduction that adapts or has adapted to its risk of death. As a result, populations will fluctuate but will in most cases remain more or less stable over time.

Human beings are the animal that has creativity and as a result, technology. When the first people started making the first tools, this changed their survival rate. Their risk of death reduced. As a result, populations started growing.

Initially, our ancestors started to spread. They moved into new territories and used their creativity to adapt to the new conditions they found there, like finding out what was edible and adapting to the climate.

When or where unsettled land was no longer available, people entered a crisis. They then used their creativity in one of three ways:

  • they could either take what their neighbors had; inventing fight and war,
  • they could start exchanging things with their…

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