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Custodian Capital

How can the preservation of the world’s ecosystems be financed? The solution might be simple: by selling them to future people. How could that work? We are used to think of an account balance with a plus sign as money we have, i.e. assets, and an account balance with a minus sign as money we […]

Why I am opposed to atomic energy (and fossil fuels as well)

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
(Inside of a liquitd waste tank at Hanford site, see¬† Many people think nuclear energy should be extended to replace power stations based on burning fossil fuels in order to reduce the release of greenhouse gasses. Many others are opposed to nuclear energy because they fear the dangers of accidents…

Two Kinds of Debts

A lot is written today about debts of governments. I want to make a short note on this topic (not referring to any particular state or government, but to all of them). 1) I suggest that when we think about public debts, we start to distinguish between two types of debts. Exploitative Debts On one […]