Dear SETIans! For quite a long time now, you and your predecessors at SETI have been trying to find a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization. So far, nothing has been found. It appears to me that there is a message in this fact. In a way, the universe has sent us a message and I […]

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In my previous posts I have explained the reasons why I think our civilization is going to collapse. In this post, I want to present a few considerations about how this is likely going to happen. I think the collapse will not happen suddenly. The reason for the collapse is that the resources of our […]

Civilizations have two important properties: they are dissipative systems, and they are creative systems. A dissipative system is a physical system that maintains its state by turning resources from a usable form into an unusable waste form. In terms of physics (specifically: thermodynamics) one can describe them as dynamic systems that produce entropy (i.e. they […]

(continued…) The standard view on resources is to treat them as being external to the system. So we perceive the extension of the system of our civilization as growth. But while this system is growing, the resources are shrinking. If growth happens at a constant rate (measured in percent), it is actually exponential, so the […]

(…continued). If a civilization outstrips the available resources and does not manage to stop growing, it will use up its reserves (raw materials, ecosystems, biodiversity, land, water, the ability of the environment (including the atmosphere) to take up its waste products, sources of energy) and then it will be too big for the resources that […]

(…continued). The amount of resources of any kind is limited. For a growing civilization, this can lead to a crisis. But being creative, a civilization is able to open up new resources. Examples from history include the invention of clothes, fire and housing enabling humans to settle in colder areas, the invention of bow and […]